Why You Should Buy Second SSD for Your PS5?

By | January 10, 2023

Storage capacity on the PS5 basic model is 825GB. System files take up 157.8GB of it, leaving you with 667GB for your games. It could seem like a lot. But since games may be rather huge, sooner or later you’ll probably need to remove some files to make place on your system for new games.

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However, you may increase the storage capacity on your PS5 by purchasing a second SSD for it. Here are some reasons Why You Should Buy Second SSD for Your PS5 if you’ve been considering it but aren’t quite sure if you want to.

When the PlayStation 5 was released in November of last year, Sony advertised that users will be able to add a fast internal hard drive to the device, increasing the PS5 games’ storage capacity as their game collections grow.

It turns out that starting a gaming system in a pandemic can be challenging, therefore Sony swiftly opted to switch off that feature until later. Sony declared in July that it has begun allowing gamers to test hard drive expansion on PS5s after almost eight months.

This is the first step toward allowing players to use the functionality, which is really helpful if you want to switch between playing several various games but is now only available in a public beta.

Increase Your Game Collection

It would be a pity if the quantity of storage space on your PS5 prevented you from playing and enjoying all of the amazing games available to you. The system often gets new game releases. Additionally, the more installed games you may have at any given moment, the more room you have.

You may also grow your collection by increasing the storage on your PlayStation. With an SSD, you can keep buying the newest games without worrying that you won’t have enough capacity for them.

Games occupy a lot of storage space

Large game files have the potential to quickly consume all of your available storage. For instance, Ark: Survival Evolved is 275GB in size with all the DLC. For just one title, that amounts to approximately half of your available system capacity.

You might only have space for a couple of them before you run out of space and have to start uninstalling software, depending on how many large games you play. And redownloading a 275GB game might be incredibly time-consuming, especially if your PS5’s internet speed hasn’t yet been increased.

If you buy an SSD for your PS5 console, you’ll be able to simultaneously download 4TB worth of games onto your device. This can be crucial if the majority of your games are huge files.

Easy to Install

Although inserting an SSD into a PS5 is not as simple as plugging in an external HDD, it is still simpler than you may expect.

You can complete the operation in just ten minutes, according to a Sony instructional video. As soon as you power on the PS5, it will give you the choice to format the SSD after it has been fitted into the expansion slot. After a little delay, you will have more room to work with, which takes us to the next consideration.

No More Tetris Online

You’ve played Game Tetris if you’ve ever had to remove a game to make way for another one or count your GBs to see how many games you can fit on your system. It might be really annoying to have to switch around the games that are installed on your PS5.

It is far handier to be able to download something and start playing it right away than to have to figure out what you need to eliminate in order to create a place for anything new. Tetris is never the game you intended to play, but having a PS5 without an SSD makes it a necessary evil.

Easily Transfer PS4 Games to PS5

Why You Should Buy Second SSD for Your PS5
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Nearly all PlayStation 4 games are compatible with the PlayStation 5. However, you should generally save your PS5 storage for PS5 games. The ideal option to play your extensive collection of PS4 games on your new system would be to invest in an external SSD.

You may effortlessly move digital media from your old machine to your new one using an external SSD. Therefore, you may continue to play your old favorites while still having room for all of the new PS5 games that are available.

The Performance of Your PS5 Can Be Improved by Installing an SSD

The most significant PS5 update is installing an internal SSD. It not only gives your system extra room for games, but it also makes your PlayStation run faster.

Your PS5 has a read/write speed of 5500 MB/s when you first buy it. The M.2 SSD you purchase for your PS5 may be able to achieve speeds of up to 7000 MB/s or higher. This enhances overall performance and speeds up the loading of your PS5 games when using an M.2 SSD.

Don’t be concerned that your next-generation console’s specs won’t match those of the PS5 if you’ve been debating whether to get an SSD for it. These specifications may easily be met or even surpassed by one of the several M.2 SSDs for the PS5 that are now available.

An SSD Lets You Customize Your Storage

You may completely customize your system’s storage by getting an additional SSD for your PS5. You may select the ideal SSD to meet your needs from a wide variety of sizes and manufacturers.

To put it mildly, an SSD is a significant investment, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all item. If money is an issue, you are free to buy a smaller SSD for less money than a massive 4TB one would cost. If you so want, you may also replace and upgrade your SSD in the future.

More gaming, less waiting

The truth is that the time we set aside for gaming might be brief, despite the fact that many of us wish we could play video games for longer periods of time. The last thing you want to do when you only have a short window of time to play is wait for your games to download to your computer.

You might be able to fit your whole game collection on your PS5 at once by buying an additional SSD for the device. You may therefore devote more time to enjoying the games themselves rather than fussing with them to make them fit.

Better Gaming Experience Better

The ease offers you is the main reason you should get an additional SSD for your PS5. You may save time switching between your games and waiting for them to download again by adding a second SSD. Additionally, it improves the overall performance of your console. Take this as your cue to make the purchase if you’ve been contemplating whether to add another SSD to your PlayStation 5.


Additional SSD will undoubtedly amazing way to boost PS5 performance. Nowadays, Games needed plenty of storage due to UHD graphics and a normal SSD will only be able to handle 3-4 games. If you want to add more games then an Additional SSD is required.

We advise our readers to install an external SSD to use PS5 in a more efficient way. I hope that now you know the reason why you should buy another SSD for your PS5. If you still have any doubts then comment below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and bookmark the site for more interesting articles. Thanks!

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