Why do Gaming Laptops Need Better Displays? – Explained

By | November 23, 2022

Gaming laptop demand is increasing gradually and gamers are now shifting from Computers to Gaming laptops because they are easy to move and have almost every facility that a gamer wants like the ability to run high-end games at an excellent frame rate.

If you are also shifted to a Gaming laptop then this article will be helpful for you. You know everyone is now busy in their life so they want to completely utilize the free time they have in their beloved things.

This article is all about gaming laptops’ display and performance. The problems that gamers faced on laptops while playing games are Heating and noise issues. Sometimes gamers have to suffer a drop in frame rates.

Nowadays, Gaming laptops manufacturing companies mainly focus on performance and frame rates. But they forget to cover the display section of the gaming Laptop. This is the only portion where gaming laptops lacking.

In my opinion, gamers should prefer improvement in screen inches than in frame rates. Moreover, the Quality of the Display will not cause heating and noise issues. So companies need to look into this matter.

Tested Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

We recently tested Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop. This is not like any other old-style gaming laptop and it comes 240Hz OLED screen. Gaming laptops with OLED screens have been around for many years. But Those are not supposed to be the right choice for gamers.

Those gaming laptops provide 4k resolution gaming but with locked 60ghz. But Razer Blade 15 removes this barrier. It comes with a refresh rate of 240ghz and 1600p resolution. Graphic card RTX 3070 Ti is included in it.

That means that Razer Blade 15 is a laptop designed for gamers. Improvement in the Display of gaming laptops is quite noticeable. Colour contrast is also top-notch. Thanks to the Oled Backlighting technology used in this gaming laptop.

The panel is classy too, that highlight the effect of contrast even more. Improvements are noticeable, but not as you might wonder. We have to spend hundreds of dollars more to get these classy panels and justification of price is quite tough without seeing any obvious benefit in this laptop.

Although, We felt that OLED screens are overhyped when we initially tested gaming laptops. But Now We think that they are definitely made a noticeable impact on a gaming laptops. We did something that we should do early. We turn on HDR and then Boom. We are able to play many favorite games such as Cyber Punk 2077 and Control at an excellent frame rate.

After turning on the HDR feature, We have seen improvement in the dealing and structure of AAA titles. You have to trust us, HDR has the potential to do far more in games. We can even say that HDR is better than ray tracing too.

All I can say is to better go with an OLED screen Gaming laptop. Because those are the future and will have the potential to run games smoothly with proper detailing.

That’s all from our side! We hope that the article will be helpful for you. If you still have any doubts regarding the Gaming laptop screen and performance then feel free to comment below. Please share the article with your gamer friends and Don’t forget to bookmark our website for future articles. Thanks!

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