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Apple Aiming To Use US-made chips From Early 2024

Apple always comes with new products that are different from available products in the Market This time They are aiming to use US Made chips in upcoming products. They will manufacture those chips in one of its factories established in America in the coming years. Tim Cook the present CEO of apple company who reveal… Read More »

Apple Still Has Some Surprises For Its Customers

Apple recently revealed that there will be no Mac and iPhone stuff launching this year. But they still have some surprises for customers in the holiday shopping season this year. We are mentioning five surprises that you might not expect to be launched this year. Apple is known for its surprise customer module means the… Read More »

IOS 16.1 Roll Out On Monday: Know What’s New In It

Apple launched IOS 16.1 Version to all its iPhone users. This is the second update to the new Apple OS. The previous IOS 16 Version, released in September offered a customizable lock screen that now supports widgets and editing tools for messages. The version comes with updates to many existing Iphone apps. But IOS 16.1… Read More »

Apple Planning To Redesign Messages App In Coming Year

Apple is a leading company in the technology field, providing valuable products for more than 2 decades. The company was established by famous entrepreneur and Businessman Steve Jobs. He is no more between us but his legacy still remains. Apple company came from a long way. Companies always prefer customer satisfaction over profit. This is… Read More »