Some Apple Workers Voted For Strike Over Pay

By | October 11, 2022

Apple is a leading technology manufacturing company. Its product is available all around the world. Apple focuses more on the security of the users that’s why everyone wants their smartphones and MacBooks.

Apple company provide job to many workers globally. They are providing good facilities and wages to their employees that’s why many people prefer apple over some other companies. Apple covered above 50% market in the United States of America.

Although, Union Official in Australia revealed that they voted for a strike against Iphone maker Apple company. The reason stated behind it is the lack of progress in wage negotiations.

Union officials planned a 1-hour strike that will be held on Oct 18. This strike is to get attention and add pressure on Apple company in the country. Employees in Australia are very disappointed by the tech giant company.

There are currently 22 stores of apple company in Australia and almost 4000 Australian employees are working there. The strike will consist of 150 of 4000 Australian employees who are represented by the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union. This strike will restrict 3 stores out of 22 stores in the country.

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This is the first time that workers planned a strike for apple company in Australia. Employees are demanding more wages from apple company due to increases in expenses. They are thinking apple is giving wages according to the budget in America. But as we know the cost of living in Australia is more expensive than in America.

Apple sit several times with unions to talk about wages and conditions in Australia. In September, Unions are seeking more time to negotiate with apple. It was granted by the Iphone maker company.

However, Josh Cullinan revealed Employees think that it’s enough for them, They will not wait for years to get a satisfactory agreement with apple company. There are taking strict steps to gain attention from an American company.

He also added that “When large groups of workers walk off, that will have an impact.” Every RAFFWU-represented worker will take part in the strike. The impact will be double if every worker in Australian Apple stores comes forward to join the strike.

Three Unions revealed that employees want a guarantee from the apple company in wage increases. This will reflect inflation in the country by 7% which is double the central bank data range.

After taking employees into account, an Apple spokesperson revealed that We are focused on giving the most ideal experience (for our workers), including major areas of strength for extremely and benefits, yearly stock awards, and complete leave strategies, all of which surpass Australian industry principles,” on Tuesday.


Let’s see how well the strike from employees will go. They are asking straightforwardly for an increase in wages for the Iphone Manufacturing Company. Many well-known unions are helping employees in it. That’s all from our side.

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