Play Games Smoothly By Turning Off This Features In Windows 11

By | October 10, 2022

There are a couple of tweaks to security settings present in Windows 11. Those Tweaks help in giving a smoother gaming experience to gamers. Microsoft urges everyone to use tweaks to get better frame rates in games.

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In a Newer Blog post, Microsoft gives instructions on how to turn off two security settings that will enhance the gaming experience rapidly in Windows 11. But keep in mind the chances become high of getting vulnerable in your Device.

Memory Integrity and the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) are the features we are talking about. Both features are on your path to getting smoother gaming performance. It’s very easy to turn off these security features.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that the company received feedback about gaming from users. Users stated that they are getting average framerates in games. So that’s why Microsoft comes with an ideal solution.

Now users can enhance gaming performance by switching off Memory Integrity and the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP). Although, They advise users to turn the security features on after playing games. Because those features are used to prevent vulnerability in devices.

Memory Integrity is responsible to ensure that all installed drivers are officially signed and trusted. Your device might end up getting malicious code in Absence of that feature because blocks the route of viruses.

How Much Improvement We Will See In Gaming?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not revealed the exact impact of turning off those two Security features on gaming performance. Many researchers come up with their impact percentage by turning off security features.

According to some popular ones, the Framerate of your games will be increased by 5-10% max. But make sure it is not the correct number it’s just a guess. There are some issues encountered by Microsoft in Windows 11 that suggest any impact isn’t completely important.

Make sure you won’t forget to turn on VMP and Memory Integrity after playing games. We know it seems easy to turn on and off those features. But we know prevention is better than cure, so you should be careful about those security features.

If you are a casual gamer who only plays games at weekend or occasionally use these tweaks to enjoy gaming titles. But keep in mind to revert the security features after playing games. This can give a boost to frame rates.

Although, We have not tested this tweak with the latest version of Windows 11. But we wanted that our audience can do that from our side. So we will have an idea of how impactful the tweak is shared by Microsoft.

Now gamers are switching to Windows 11 either via New PCs or Updating the system. Windows 11 has some unique features that are not available in Windows 10 that’s why we advise our readers to update the system.

Updating System To Windows 11

Many people are shifting to windows 11 from its successor windows 10. If you also want to do that too then you have to comply with the minimum system requirements of Windows 11 written below.

Processor:1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor.
Memory:4 GB RAM.
Storage:64 GB or larger storage device.
Display Resolution:720p
Graphics card:Compatible with DirectX 12


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All we say is Top-Notch when we talk about the Performance of Windows 11. Microsoft focused more on memory management. In one of our tests, We found out that the excel application ran smoothly even at 90% of CPU usage. This number proved how powerful Windows 11 is.

Microsoft claimed that Ram can stay utilized even in the sleep mode of windows 11. This means your CPU keeps working in sleep mode to prevent sleep mode errors. Moreover, Your PC will wake up 25% quickly from sleep.

Edge is the perfect browser for windows 11. But you can even observe additional performance benefit than Windows 10. The sleeping tab feature is amazing that helps you to save 32% of memory and 37% of CPU usage.

This is a must-have operating system for gaming. Windows 11 comes with a direct storage feature that loads games in less than a second and an Auto HDR Feature. In short, Windows 11 will boost the application load speed and PC wake-up speed of your System. Microsoft released an update for SSD in February that made Windows 11 a bit faster.


There are numerous bugs seen after updating windows 10 to 11. But Microsoft is very quick in fixing bugs. The bugs issue still irritates users much more than in windows 10. Creepy Bugs create hundred of empty folders and slow down SSDs.

However, Microsoft advice not to update to one of its windows 11 updates a few months ago. In there are plenty of issues with AMD processors. But they figured them out after some time. Even Microsoft is quick in finding bugs but the fact is we are seeing bugs more than We saw in Windows 10.

Some People were facing issues such as memory leaks in windows 11. Windows 11 take extra RAM when you run multiple tabs of file explorer but it does not release that ram even when you close file explorer. This problem forced the system to take extra resources to run.

However, This issue was encountered in the system of some people. It’s now fixed by Microsoft. But it’s still notable to mention. We covered many bugs in Microsoft’s Windows 11. You can send reports of bugs to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub app. It’s become easy for Microsft to fix the encountered bug.


That’s all from our side. We hope you can try out turning off those security features for gaming. You can share your experience with us after using that tweaks. If you still have any doubt regarding the topic then Freely comment below.

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