New Google Messages and Contact App Icons Released

By | October 22, 2022

Google frequently updates its services and now its google messages and contact app turn. Google rolls out stylish icons for contact and Google messages app in a new update Version

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Newer icons are quite interesting and look well-designed for apps. In short, New looking icons are better than the previous ones. However, The update is not released globally via the Play Store yet. But it reached some android users and will be available to everyone soon.

Google Phone app is next in the list that will take advantage of this beta program. You can sign up for a beta program to experiment with new google projects at the earliest. The blue icon with a white background looks fantastic.

People are giving positive feedback regarding new icons update. Google has not added any splash animation feature in this update. The Promo video is even not included in it. Themed icons are looking more impressive even with a simple & smooth interface.

Those three apps are looking related to each with the same themed icon style. These themed icon apps are responsible for communication around the world. Overlapping message bubbles looked quite amazing which is familiar with the green Google chat logo.

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Lighter Shades In New App Icons

Themed Icons

A Darker Blue color is used In place of overlap and also two other lighter blue shades were added in the new update. Shadow depth is shown in the modern Themed icons developed by Google.

However, there are some icons that come with default blue color icons such as the google messages app. The icon is quite recognizable but doesn’t forget the fact that overlapping portions around the edges made it messy and unprecious.

The Google Phone app icon is looking more fascinating and the Contact app icon looks average in the new stylish icon. Many people prefer lighter colors when we talk about the themed icon. That could be the reason behind the lighter color of icons in the new update.

Overall, The new themed icons are more stylist than the previous ones but look somewhat unrealistic at the same time. The icons may not perform well in light backgrounds instead of dark Blue backgrounds.

Google revealed that this themed icon will fit in other first-party apps. So it’s clear that Google will update other apps’ icons too with these lighter background icons. There is something that lacks in Workplace icons such as the lack of shadows.

Don’t worry! If you don’t receive the Themed icon update for Phones, Messages, and Contacts. This will be available to every android user by the end of the month or early. If you get it then please share your feedback about the themed icons.

You can ignore the fact that vintage Google app icons are the best as compared to modern ones. Those icons are simple but more effective than newer stylist Themed icons. Many people still appreciate older app icons more than the latest icons.

But as you know everything needs an update over time. So as Google app icons. We should appreciate the developers that are working hard to provide us with modern-themed icons.

However, Some icons look great and some do not but they are putting their efforts into every icon they created. To be honest, Our team thinks that newer themed icons are amazing and stylist.

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That’s all from our side. We hope that our article cleared your every doubt regarding the new Themed icon update of Google. If you still have any doubts or inquiries then feel free to comment below.

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