Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Will Be Available By November

By | October 14, 2022

Netflix is a very popular streaming platform among audiences. This streaming platform attracts more audiences than any other streaming platform due to the quality of its content. Netflix mainly focuses on original content.

A few months ago, a Netflix spokesperson revealed that the company is currently working on an ad-supported tier and this Netflix subscription plan will be cheaper than the usual subscription tier. Netflix has to launch the ad-supported tier due to huge losses.

Netflix loses many customers throughout this year. So they finally took the decision to launch the plan that will show some ads between episodes and movies. The ad-supported plan will be available by November 3.

This ads integrated plan will cost you nearly $7, which is quite cheaper than the usual plan price. Now you don’t need to buy sharing accounts with friends. We think the price is quite within budget and anyone can afford it.

Netflix named this tier as “Basic with Ads” and will be available in 12 countries. Netflix’s upcoming plan is even cheaper than Disney Plus’s upcoming ad-based plan. Disney’s Ad-supported plan will be available at $7.99 a month.

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Netflix’s “Basic with ads” plan will be available from 12:00 PM ET on November 3. The company revealed the frequency of Ads is between four to five minutes per hour. The number of ads is way less than standard broadcast or cable TV Commercials.

The duration of ads is about 15 to seconds long and the content will available in 720p resolution. You can watch tv shows and movies easily on mobile with this resolution. But it will not ideal resolution for Laptops. We think 1080p is the Ideal resolution for bigger screens.

Make sure you keep in mind that you will not get the option to download tv series and movies in the “Basic with Ads” Tier. Many people prefer to download content and then watch it. If you also prefer downloading then this tier is not for you.

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Another drawback in this ad-supported tier is less availability of TV shows and movies. You will not browse every show and movie which is available in ad-free plans on Netflix due to license restrictions. However, there will be no price change in the usual Netflix subscription plans.

There is no list released by Netlfix of unavailable Tv shows and movies in the upcoming Ads-supported tier. But it’s clear that you have to compromise with 10-20% of the content of Netflix. You will get those Tv shows and movie titles in the usual plans.

Netflix is mainly launching tier 1 and tier 2 countries like the United States, Canada, Uk, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Spain. It will be available at a price of £4.99 in the Uk and a price of $5.99 in Canada.

This Netflix Plan will help the company to regain customers that cancel subscriptions due to the increase in prices of ad-free tiers. Netflix thinks a lot considering this solution in order to figure out the loss of customers.

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According to our research, the Upcoming Netflix “Basic with ads” is an amazing plan that will allow you to stream movies and series at a cost less than Disney Plus’s upcoming ad-supported tier.

If you are currently on less budget then definitely go for it. You will be able to save some money which you can utilize elsewhere. But you have to watch some creepy advertisement in between tv series and movies.

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