Microsoft Teams Will Fix Some Annoying Things About PowerPoint Presentations

By | October 8, 2022

Microsoft is a leading technology company known as a rival of Google. Microsoft is also providing services as google does. Microsoft teams is one of the services provided by the company. It is frequently updated by the developer team.

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Microsoft teams are now a widely used app along with zoom and google meet to attend classes and interviews. Many people are switching from other apps to Microsoft teams due to the wide variety of features.

Microsoft team’s service is generally focusing on user experience and improving the app the way the audience wants. They recently updated the app and fix blurred text shown in slides. Microsoft developers are now fixing worse aspects of viewing presentations online via Teams.

Now they allow users to magnify or enlarge any slide they want. Microsoft outlined the roadmap of Microsoft 365 services. This fix will surely put an end to the eye strain problems that most people are struggling with.

The upcoming fix even allows users to zoom in on any specific slide while attending any meetings. Which will not only enhance the viewing of attendees but also help in focusing on a specific area like graphs and tables. These types of areas were looking totally blurred before in Microsoft teams.

The upcoming update with the fix is now in development mode and hopefully will be out by November this year. The update will be available to every Microsoft teams user across the world. The update will hit every Desktop, Web, iOS, Mac, and Android user.

Microsoft’s upcoming update shows ties between its services Microsoft teams and Powerpoint. The company is aiming to connect some of its popular services together in the future. This is the first step from Microsoft Company. They are doing as Google does with its services.

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Google Merge Duo and Meet

Google started to Merge some of its popular services together to lower the workload of users in switching services again and again for their use. The company merge Its popular service called Google Duo with Google meets a couple of months ago.

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Back in 2021, Microsoft announced that It will integrate tools Cameo and Recording Studio in the future. This merge between both tools will enhance the user experience in PowerPoint by allowing customization and recording.

Microsoft also revealed that they are working on a recording tool that will help Powerpoint users practice their presentations in advance. This will help users to figure out the issues in the presentation before they go live on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft’s Slide Translation Feature

Although, Microsoft recently comes with a live slide translation feature that can be usable in PowerPoint Live. Both presenters and attendees are able to use the slide translation feature during the live session by right-clicking on the presentation. After clicking you will see the ‘Translate slides’ option. The feature will only show the translated content privately to users.

There are many features from Microsoft yet to come. They are giving tough competition to Google in terms of releasing new features and improving already existing Services by Microsoft.


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