How to Make Money Playing Games

By | December 27, 2022

Are you searching for how to make money playing games? Are you fond of earning money?

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It is undoubtedly possible to make money playing video games in the modern world. But in reality, doing so requires a lot of effort. The job part destroys the joy of playing video games, hence many people who choose this path quit after a few years (or months).

People end up regretting what they previously enjoyed instead of making it their career. Additionally, the crowded market makes it dangerous. There are hundreds of additional attempts that failed every success tale.

Have you thought of making money from your gaming habit? One of the newest methods to earn money online may be a lot more fun compared to other side jobs and side hustles. Play games on a computer, share them on social media and get money. Pretty amazing, no?

According to what your gamer friend may have told you, playing video games may make you additional money. Simply being able to play video games allows many people to turn their passion for franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon, and mobile apps into a part-time or full-time income.

Isn’t it beneficial for you to advance your gaming, make money from it, and increase your wealth if you’re currently playing? Here we share some potential of gaming with those who are looking for a quick guide on how to make money playing games.

Get Paid to Live Stream

How to Make Money Playing Games
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    Anyone may broadcast their games in real-time to a global audience. Aim to get a sizable audience that you can pay for with advertisements or a devoted following (to monetize with donations and subscriptions). Twitch is the most popular streaming site, however, YouTube is also a choice.

    One of the most obvious methods to make money from video games is this. This shouldn’t deter a beginner from launching their channel. Simply create an account on one of these services to begin broadcasting live while playing games and interacting with your audience.

    Although growth could be a little gradual initially, if you work regularly and create a strong community, you will have a reliable source of revenue. You may get paid for advertisements, sponsors, and even follower contributions.

    It is usually a good idea to follow some advice on how to develop into a great Twitch broadcaster if you want to devote your time to this.

    Why Streaming Games Is Hard to Make Money

    Building a live broadcast audience takes time. For several months, you might not surpass 10 concurrent viewers, and for years, you might not reach 100 viewers at once. The truth is that the majority of streamers never get there, and to make a livelihood from video game streaming, you’ll need thousands of loyal viewers.

    The streaming market is overcrowded. When there are so many other popular streams available, why should someone watch you? The difficult aspect is that. Make a name for oneself by having a unique sense of humor or personality, playing at a high level, or participating in niche gaming.


    A terrific Android software for making money while playing video games on your phone is called Mistplay.

    The software offers users a platform where they can play games and get rewards. Users may participate in in-app games to earn points toward gift cards from merchants like Amazon, and Google Play, and even virtual Visa gift cards.

    With Mistplay, you are qualified for payment the moment you begin playing. You may even level up your avatar while playing with others to obtain achievements and accumulate troops more quickly.

    To promote relationships among players, they also facilitate user conversations and provide a chat option. Another crucial point is that Mistplay users will not be charged to download, sign up for, or play games.

    Game Tester

    How to Make Money Playing Games
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    Video game levels or certain sections are tested by game testers or beta testers. Finding faults and problems while ensuring their potential quality is the aim. This kind of work is available from several studios and platforms.

    While getting paid to play a video game before it is made available to the general public may sound like fun, it may also be a boring profession. Your goal will be to figuratively “break” the game, not to just have fun.

    Things essential to start a gaming career

    Thankfully, there is a low entrance threshold for streaming. All you want is a respectable computer, some entertaining video games, a charming personality, and streaming software. As well as having a strong PC for the games you’re playing, make sure your internet upload speed is high enough to support the broadcast.

    We’ve demonstrated how to set up Streamlabs OBS, a superb entry-level choice, for PC gaming. You will need a capture card, which is an extra price if you’re playing on a console.

    Video Game Coaching

    An exciting new approach to generating money in gaming is coaching. You might offer to manage your favorite competitive event (such as League of Legends).

    Depending on their degree of expertise and the number of gamers who desire their services, video game instructors can make $20 to $200 per hour. For instance, Metaphor, a League of Legends instructor featured in the YouTube section, charges $50 to $80 for coaching sessions.

    A common way to start as a coach is to use a platform like YouTube to build a following and then market your services to that audience.

    Make Your Efforts at Games Journalism

    Desire to be a writer or blogger? Start creating the news, reviews, and interviews about a certain game, genre, or industry by joining an existing site or starting your own. You can get paid as a freelancer on a per-article basis while writing for an established website.

    If you’re launching your website, you may make money from it by selling advertisements, Patreon memberships, or anything similar.

    Why Earning Money Is Tough Reporting on video games?

    Games journalism is competitive, as is the majority of journalism. Many individuals desire to earn a livelihood by writing about video games. If you write for an established website, you’ll probably have to do it for close to nothing while building a portfolio and showcasing your abilities.

    It will take years to develop an audience for your website so that you can make enough money to support yourself. Journalism is often demanding. To gain scoops before others, you’ll need to constantly scour a variety of sites for news articles.

    To be done effectively, reviews and interviews need a lot of time. Additionally, daily writing can be a major mental energy drain.

    Get Into It

    Look for job openings in medium-sized gaming platforms. For the time being, disregard popular gaming websites like IGN as well as startups with no audience. Have some writing samples on hand, please.

    Send in your application, along with writing examples, and cross your fingers. Think about writing for smaller websites as a volunteer first if you don’t have any prior work to show.

    We generally wait until you have several years of experience writing for a reputable website before starting your games journalism website. Daily writing is challenging enough. A website on top of it, managing it? That requires an entirely new level of work and is prone to burnout.

    Participate in tournaments

    Gaming competitions are a fantastic way to get money. You must first put in enough practice to become an expert at the game you have selected before you can take advantage of this option. You will require a computer or laptop with one of the greatest graphics card types.

    The champions of the events typically get very sizable monetary awards. The category and level of competition determine these awards. You may take part and enhance your reputation and earnings.

    Sell Accounts or Digital Items

    Some games allow you to “flip” your account or in-game stuff to other players if you’ve logged enough time into them. You may, for instance, sell certain Steam Trading Cards you’ve acquired through gaming to other users who wish to collect them. Even though you won’t make a lot of money from this, you might be able to make enough to pay for your next game.

    Accounts could potentially be available for sale. For instance, it’s typical practice in Overwatch to use a “smurf” account—a secondary account with a ranking far lower than the player’s true skill level.

    Players that wish to smurf could try to buy an account to spare themselves time because you have to attain a particular level to play Competitive matches. In a similar vein, if you’re a stronger player than someone else, they could pay you to rank up their account’s skill rating.

    There are more inventive methods to handle this; you might utilize platforms like Fiverr to market “game services” to potential customers. Someone lonely could pay for the opportunity to have a buddy to hang out with for an hour.

    It’s Tough to earn a livelihood in this way

    Even while this method of gaming revenue involves less commitment than the majority of ones previously described, it is still not ideal. The time it takes to gain uncommon stuff or extra accounts makes it scarcely worthwhile to pursue unless you already have extras lying around.

    Similar to playtesting, grinding a game solely to get new cards or advance a level is monotonous. Additionally, there is no guarantee that anyone would want to purchase what you are offering.

    Selling your account or other stuff can be against the rules, depending on the game’s terms of service. Before doing this, always double-check your technique.


    Games allow us to escape reality, which makes them enjoyable. That element of escapism vanishes when gaming becomes your profession, and probably also the joy. Are you a gamer? Before considering it as a potential profession, consider it carefully. You could later regret trying to make money from games in this manner.

    The options covered here are the most effective ways to now generate money linked to gaming if you still wish to push forward. There are more video game-related jobs, although they don’t require as much real game-playing as the ones mentioned above.

    That’s all from our side! We hope that you learn everything about how to make money playing games topic. If you still have any doubts then comment down below. Share the article with your friends and family and don’t forget to bookmark the site for more interesting articles. Thanks!

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