Google Starts Issuing Refunds For Its Cloud Gaming Service

By | November 10, 2022

Google made huge changes in its services throughout this year. The company is ready to shut down some of the major services provided such as Stdia Cloud gaming service and Google Hangouts. Google gave users some time to pull out the data inside the service.

In September, Google announced that it will terminate its 3-year-old Stadia Cloud Gaming Service by the beginning of 2023. So google users have 3 months from September to use the service for the last time.

Don’t worry! If you are an existing user of the Stadia Cloud Gaming service. Google promised users that they will issue Refunds to existing users shortly. The company started issuing refunds from Wednesday for games, add-on content, and subscription fees bought through the stadia cloud gaming service.

Google Starts Issuing Refunds For Service

According to reports, Google will not include a refund for the Stadia Pro Subscription issued prior to September 29. They stated that users are not able to access Pro Libray and other add-on features during the shutdown period of Service.

Stadia Cloud Gaming Service Pro version comes with a wide range of Games libraries at the monthly price of $10. Before 1 January, You still have the opportunity to browse and play games. So you should take benefit in this time range.

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Google advises users to remain calm and patient. However, Some people emailed the customer support team about the refund of the Stadia service game and add-on content. So that’s why google pleased every Stadia user to wait some weeks for refunds.

Google mentioned that Payment will be made through the original form of payment made last time. If somehow that is not working, then Google emailed users with instructions to set up an alternative payment method for receiving a refund.

Although, Those are deleted their Google accounts should contact the Stadia Customer support team to Recieve refunds. Google is currently issuing refunds so there is a high possibility that those users will receive the refund very soon.

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Unfortunately, Your saved game data will not be available to transfer from the Stadia Cloud Gaming Service. You have to purchase the game on another platform too. They mentioned every aspect on FAQs Page.

Google is expecting to complete the refund before shutting the down the service for everyone. They revealed the actual date to say goodbye to the Stadia Cloud gaming service, which is Jan. 18. 2023.

Google’s cloud gaming service was first introduced on November 2019. Stadia General Manager Phil Harrison has a lot of expectation from the service and hope that it will be able to beat competitors in the cloud gaming industry.

However, Phil Harrison thinks that the service is not able to gain the attraction of gamers and performs below average. That’s why they have to take this terrible step. But don’t worry many big surprises from google are on the way.

There is a high chance that Google will launch any other type of service for gamers in the future. But as of now, there is no confirmation about it and we can now just hope for the best. You should shift to other Cloud gaming providers like Shadow, Amazon Luna, and Boosteroid.

That’s all from our side! We hope that now you know every aspect of the Cloud gaming service powered by Google. If you still have any inquiries regarding the Stadia Service then feel free to contact us. If you think that this article helps you in any manner then share it with your friends. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for exciting articles. Thanks!

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