Google Hangouts Service Is Now Completely Terminated

By | November 2, 2022

Google is frequently updating its services and also terminating old services. One of them is Google hangouts. This is one of the popular google services that some users use even in 2022.

But Google ultimately puts an end to Google hangout on November 1. However, it notified its users about 2 months ago to back their data and shift to Google chat service for a better experience.

Google chat now takes Hangouts’ place. It has more features than its successor. Google’s aim is to save users time by not switching to too many services. The company even combined many services in one app to speed up users’ work.

In July, Google removed the Hangout app from IOS and Playstore. But Web-based services of Hangouts are available till November, which is now also ended. They gave some time to users to migrate their data to Google chat as soon as possible.

Many of the users migrated to Google chat after they heard the news of the termination of Google hangouts. But some of the users take time to move on from Google hangouts because of their long relationship with this vintage google service.

Although, Many of the user’s data automatically migrated into Google chat. The company advised users to use the Google takeout feature to migrate their personal chat and data. If you are not migrated your data then don’t worry you still have time till January 2023.

Firstly, Google Hangouts was introduced as a minor feature in the Google++ app and then Google decided to convert it into an individual app. Google hangouts had 5 Million Downloads on the Google play store.

However, Google hangouts will not be fully replaced by Google chat. The service will provide additional features for group conservation and tight in-app security. This service will also include collaboration tools like Spaces and editing Docs, Slides, or Sheets side-by-side with other users. 

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Google chat also provided GIFs sending feature. You can even notify someone with @mention in the Group chat. Google believes that Google chat will enhance chatting and better way to chat for its users.

Google Chat Product Manager Ravi Kanneganti Published a blog post in which he stated that the company gave time to remaining hangouts users to shift to the google chat app. They are hoping that users will appreciate our efforts and investment in making Google chat a powerful Chat service.

Let’s see what users think about Google chat. The use of Google chat might be a bit difficult for newly migrated users from Google Hangouts. Because they are used to Hangouts.

However, They will be quick in Google chat too but takes some amount of time. We survey some of the people that are migrated from Google hangouts in our area to know what impact Google chat has on users.

Most users appreciate the company’s efforts and think that it is quite obvious to change with time. Google company is doing amazing work and working on what users need these days.

This type of survey motivates the company to improve and release more services like Google chat. Moreover, Company was also notified of the cons of the services that it should improve in the future.


That’s all from our side! If you still have not migrated to Google chat then do it on priority bases. Because your ignorance of migration will lead you to data loss.

if you have any inquiries regarding Google chat and its successor then feel free to comment below and also share the article with your friends and family. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for more interesting articles. Thanks!

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