Google Chrome Is Reportedly Fixing Security Issues

By | October 7, 2022

Google Chrome is a well-known service developed by Google. Chrome is frequently updated by the developer’s team for the last couple of months. They are improving the service and keep monitoring security issues encountered in the Chrome browsers.

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But there are many vulnerabilities found in google chrome throughout this year. Chrome servers even go down for some hours the last month. People are curious to know Google’s steps in this issue. According to reports, Google is working on a fix for the security issues.

Atlas VPN researched this topic and comes to the conclusion in which Company stated that Google chrome faced 303 vulnerabilities so far. The number of vulnerabilities is increasing day by day.

Google Chrome is a daily used browser for many people all over the world. But the security issue forced some of the users to switch browsers at least for some time. Safari is another popular browser that some people are using due to security issues in Google Chrome.

This is not the first time that Google Chrome encountered new Vulnerabilities. The security issues keep going. Even other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge had seen vulnerabilities. Microsoft Edge got 100+ vulnerabilities this year.

Atlas Vpn revealed that the number of vulnerabilities increasing in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox this year. Microsoft and Google companies are now working to fix the issues. They will come back with a solution for this security issue.

Apple Safari Performed Outstanding

Apple Company’s Browser called Safari is going well. Safari browsers had the least vulnerabilities than any of the mentioned browsers. Apple mainly focuses on the security of users that’s why It is the leading brand in the market.

apple safari

Atlas VPN only see 26 documented vulnerabilities thorough out this year. The year is almost gone and it’s functioning very well compared to other browsers. The developer team of Apple is very quick. They fix the vulnerability very quickly that’s why people prefer apple over any other.

Browser With Zero Vulnerability

There is a browser that had zero vulnerability issues this year. Yes, You hear it right. opera browser had zero security issues. Hackers are not able to implement their code in these browsers. Opera company is monitoring every aspect of the browsers very closely. The company is more focused on the security of the users than features.

Many popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are built on the Chromium Engine. Atlas Vpn revealed that there might be loose ends in the chromium engine that’s why every browser had vulnerability issues.

The company advises that makes users are using up-to-date versions of the browsers. It will minimize the risk of getting vulnerable issue. Make sure you check before installing plug-ins and extensions from the chrome extension. You might not know but some of the chrome extensions can lead to data breaches.

So be careful while installing anything on your device from the internet. Malicious codes are inserted into some software that we got on the internet. You should use antivirus for more security. There are many popular antiviruses out there that will enhance your device and browser security For example Avast and K7 Security.


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