Destiny 2 Game’s Anti-Cheat System Disabled By The Company

By | October 6, 2022

Destiny 2 is a very popular multiplayer online game. The game was released in 2017 and is free of cost to play. The game was developed by the popular company Bungie. Destiny 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

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Destiny 2 developers previously comes with an anti-cheat system that helps games get rid of hackers and suspicious players. But the anti-cheat system also starts impacting innocent players due to its strict rules.

After getting several reports from the innocent player regarding the anti-cheat system, Bungie disabled the system. But Bungie stated that the Anti-cheat system is not permanently disabled. It’s just a temporary down to fix up the issue user are getting with it.

Some Destiny 2 users are now quite happy because they can use codes to push their ranks and enhance the gaming experience without any restrictions.

Destiny 2 Anti Cheat System Disabled

The destiny 2 developer team stated the news on their Twitter handle. They think that innocent gamers are facing errors with the system and it’s a kinda human error. The anti-cheat system was developed to resist those gamers that are wrongfully using codes.

Many Destiny 2 gamers are complaining about the system online and stated they don’t use codes to enhance their gameplay. They think it’s quite boring to use code for enhancing games and mainly focus on improving their game experience without codes.

Although, Bungie stated that Disabling the Anti-Cheat System does not mean they are not putting their eyes on hackers and gamers using codes to enhance the gaming experience. They are monitoring every gamer and will take action against suspicious players too.

Bungie Will Improve Its Anti-Cheat System

Bungie is a very well-known company and producing games for over 3 decades. Bungie Company stated that the Anti-cheat system will be improved and avoid wrongful ban incidents. Especially, Against players that rely on their skills and talent. Bungie made regular core changes in the destiny 2 system.

They have not updated the anti-cheat system for many months. But they think now it’s time to update the system to create a safe environment in-game for the innocent player.

Destiny 2 Comes From Long Way

Destiny 2 game

Destiny 2 is still one of the favorite multiplayer online games among gamers due to its advanced features. The Destiny 2 game was released in 2017 and become famous in just 6 years. You will get this game in the setup of a handful of gamers. The Destiny 2 game provided premium expansions so users will get a more pleasant experience while playing it.

Destiny 2 game is now going to release the last expansion early next year. The expansion will be based on “lightfall” to the world. The game will be concluded with this last expansion. It’s mean time to say our beloved game. Although, The game is still able to play with older expansions. But unfortunately, Gamers will expect more expansion from Bungie company.

Destiny 2 fans are very curious to play the last expansion “Lightfall” and to say farewell to the game. Destiny 2 last expansion getting a large number of preorders already on the steam platform. It shows how much is bigger destiny 2 fanbase. This huge number of preorders will force Bungie to make more expansions in the future.

Bungie revealed that there will be a sequel to the famous Destiny 2 game in the future. The name of the sequel and other details regarding the plot is not yet revealed by Bungie. But it’s clear that something bigger is cooking and will be more enjoyable to play.

Destiny 2 Will be Available On Mobile

Destiny 2 fans will get a chance to play the game even on mobile phones. You know everyone has a mobile phone and uses it frequently. Destiny 2 mobile version will more portable experience for gamers. But this is not confirmed by Bungie company and is still a rumor spreading over social media. In the meantime, Enjoy Destiny 2 without an anti-cheat system.

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