Apple’s iPhone 15 Could Feature Titanium Chassis With Curved Rear Edges

By | November 22, 2022

Apple is one of the most recognized smartphone-manufacturing brands. People prefer Apple phones over android nowadays because of premium build quality and excellent features. Apple is now focusing on the customer satisfaction model.

The California-based company launched every product after keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Apple recently launched iPhone 14 in four variants. Those are iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus.

Although, Apple company is facing a downfall in iPhone 14 Pro’s demand in the past month. They even revealed that It Could Be Hard To Get an iPhone 14 Pro if they are getting that type of response in the near future.

Apple released much other stuff apart from iPhone variants for example Earbuds this year. The company is now planning to use US-made chips in upcoming models instead of Asian manufactured Chips.

So there are many things on the way for customers, One of them is the iPhone 15 variant. We got reports regarding the upcoming product of the company. iPhone 15 will reportedly feature titanium chassis with curved rear edges and will replace the Square off design.

Twitter User Leaked Information About iPhone 15 Look

A Twitter user is behind the leak of information regarding the iPhone 15. He stated that iPhone 15’s back edges will be rounded to form a new border. It will have similar look to the bottom edges on the case of Apple Macbook Pro bottom 14-inch and 16-inch Models.

However, iPhone 14 models used a flat-sided design that will already be seen in iPhone 4 models. iPhone 11 was the last model to support curved edged Design. Twitter Leaker stated that Iphone 15 will have a back glass.

We should not consider the news as 100% accurate because there are many rumors spread over social media from time to time about apple products. But only some of them are somewhat accurate.

A rumor was spread over social media that iPhone 14 Pro and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max would have titanium alloy chassis, But as we know this did not happen. All iphone 14 variants’ chassis is made up of aluminum and stainless steel.

Apple recently take a dip into titanium casings viability for its products. Which includes the patent that included the processed titanium that will be used in future Apple MacBooks Pro, Ipads, and phones.

Titanium is hard as compared to Stainless steel which can help to improve durability and resistance from scratches. The product can even withstand Bending with a titanium casing That’s why the company is thinking to move on from Stainless Steel.

Comapny is also researching the use of thin oxide surface coating which can reduce the oily fingerprint problem. If reports are accurate then This will be the first time that apple is using Titanium on iPhone and iPad.

Although, Apple Watch Models are made of Titanium such as Apple Watch Ultra and physical apple card. But the latest iphone and iPad are still made of Stainless steel. According to reports, the iphone 15 will be available by September 2023.

Iphone 15 is reportedly coming with identical sizes to the ‌iPhone 14‌ lineup and features USB-C instead of Lightning, solid-state volume and power buttons, new camera technology, and Dynamic Island for all models.

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