Apple Reportedly Testing macOS For M2 iPad Pro

By | October 21, 2022

Apple company has worked on numerous projects that are unknown to the public. But don’t worry we are here to give every bit of information we have about upcoming Apple products. One of them is a version of macOS on which apple is working for the past couple of months.

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An insider of apple company revealed that they are working on a version of macOS exclusive for the M2 iPad Pro. This upcoming project will be available to the public by 2023. Apple received several complaints For Its Ipad because of not having Desktop class support.

Apple Working On MacOS For Upcoming Ipad

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Many users are giving their suggestions to apple to port not only Final cut pro to Ipad. Instead of it adds a full version of macOS in Ipad. A very popular leaker, Majin Bu disclosed that Apple is working on a tiny version of macOS for the Ipad.

The testing of product will be tested with a 25% larger macOS UI to see whether it’s suitable for touch or not. The product is still able to run Ipad optimized apps, but not macOS will be available for it. Moreover, The upcoming product is codenamed Mendocino.

This codenamed product will be released as macOS 14 next year. It’s still not declared whether apple will move macOS on Ipad in a piece just like stated in Rumor or go with the full version of macOS.

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Apple’s working style is very different from other companies. It’s very difficult to get some details from apple company about upcoming products. Apple company usually does not disclose any information about not released products.

It’s now more than a decade passed and still, we got the rumor about getting the full version of macOS on Ipad. There is another rumor shared by someone that apple decided to add MacOS before the release of the Ipad.

Apple is likely to have a macOS version of the Ipad for internal testing of the product and its configuration. Leaker Majin Bu is likely to have seen Ipad in debug state definitely not in the Operating system state.

Majin Bu disclosed the information regarding the development of the macOS version for the Ipad on Twitter. The post becomes viral in 2-3 hours after posting. There is also the possibility that they are not working on macOS at all.

Instead of it, Apple is working on IpadOS which is similar to macOS in terms of features. they could add a menu bar and other essential features to it. Apple already released a windowing feature in iPadOS 16, known as Stage manager.

Majin Bu also disclosed that the in-development operating system will be for M2 iPad Pro. If it is only available for M2 iPad Pro then more people prefer to buy it. This is a kinda marketing push by Apple company to their upcoming Ipad.

Many years ago, when the Mac app store was released. there were rumors popping up on social media about apple’s aiming toward a MAS-only version of macOS. But California-based companies take down rumors at that time.


We know that not all rumors are true so we can’t believe all of them. But when the insider is Majin Bu we should definitely have to consider the rumor. He leaked much information about apple products in the past couple of years. that’s why some people call him a legit leaker of apple products.

We hope you got the information regarding apple’s future products. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for more interesting articles regarding leaks of apple products and Technology. If you still have inquiries about the article then feel free to comment below.

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