Apple Reportedly Lose 6 Million iPhone 14 Pro Units

By | November 28, 2022

Apple company is now going through a tough time. The company is getting a lot o issues after releasing the latest iPhone 14 variants. The popularity graph of the iPhone 14 Pro is going down day by day and so as its sales.

Now, a California-based company has to face another problem regarding iPhone 14 Pro variants. Apple reportedly Lose approx 6 Million iPhone 14 Pro Unites this year due to the unrest in its key plant in china, Zhengzhou.

Initially, it was reported that Apple might lose 3 million units of iPhone 14 Pro. But Now the figure become doubled and they have lost more than 4 million units. Workers are now leaving apple company in China.

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Factory Situation Right Now In China

The Situation of Apple’s iPhone manufacturing china based factory is unrest and that’s the main reason behind less production. Fewer Production estimates are growing day by day and the result in a Huge Loss to Apple.

The Future situation is now in hands of Foxconn and How they deal with the workers. Covid-19 made a huge impact on production too and workers have to face difficulties during that period. Loses might be converted into huge losses if the lockdown continues for more few weeks.

Thousands of workers decided to leave iPhone manufacturing due to food shortages and an increase in covid cases. But Foxconn company hired some new workers to fulfill the production issues. Workers are confused with pay rates and quarantine protocols.

Foxconn stated that this is just a technical error encountered in iPhone city. Foxconn has offered 1400 bucks to staff protesting in order to compensate to leave the city as the tumult was growing.

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Foxconn also offers an $1800 per month bonus to those workers who stay in iPhone city as full-time employees for the next two months, i.e. December and January. According to internal leakers, Foxconn and Apple company will have to face a shortfall next year.

However, Companies will reportedly recover from this loss and aim to manufacture 6 million iPhone Pro Units in 2023. Companies have suffered a lot this year and have to suffer in the next year too.

Workers associated with apple company is not happy only in china but also in other parts of the world. Previously, Workers planned strikes over pay in Australia. Apple has done everything to compensate for the issue and sit several times with unions to talk about wages and conditions in Australia.

But employees do not agree with the terms and conditions of iPhone manufacturing company. They think that the pay scale is not enough for them and want a satisfactory agreement with apple company.

Workers are taking strict actions to gain attention from California-based companies. They are thinking that apple company will have to increase the wages when a large number of workers walk away.

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