Apple Reportedly Cuts iPhone 14 Plus’s Production

By | October 19, 2022

Apple decided to cut off the production of the Iphone 14 Plus within just weeks of starting shipments according to reports on Tuesday. This is reported by some of the insiders in the supply chain of a California Based Company.

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There is a rumor spread over social media stating that Iphone 14 Plus production was immediately cut off from at least one manufacturer in china. The news came up in the darkening times of the Mobile Market.

The smartphone market is down by 9% in the third quarter as compared to the same period of time last year. Data researchers revealed that We Will see a significant drop in demand for Smartphones in the next couple of months.

Apple is not officially disclosed the matter and what is going on with the production of the Iphone 14 Plus. Less demand of Iphone 14 Plus as compared to the standard and Pro Version of the Iphone 14 might be the reason behind it.

Iphone 14 Plus was launched with standard Iphone 14 variants on 7 September. This is introduced as a cheaper alternative to costlier Iphone 14 Pro variants. Iphone 14 plus shipment started to customers on 7 September.

Apple decided not to increase the production of Newer iPhone models due to the anticipated surge in demand that failed to materialize. Companies are selling already manufactured Iphone models to customers.

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Apple’s Folding Screen iPad

On Tuesday, Several Reports suggested that apple will release a Foldable iPad next year. California Based smartphone company is ready to launch its first foldable phone in 2024. A group of Analysts disclosed the list of demandable products in the future.

Although, They are planning to launch only foldable Ipad and Foldable Iphone could not seen in the coming two years. This will create competition with other tech giants such as Samsung, known for its Foldable Smartphones.

Apple Reportedly Cuts iPhone 14 Plus's Production

According to one of the Analysts, it is useless for apple to make a Foldable Iphone. The company will put its hands in foldable technology with Foldable iPad soon. We know it amazed you like us that we will see foldable technology in Apple’s developed products.

It’s quite difficult for apple to make a Foldable Iphone because of the high risk of getting fewer sales. Firstly, It has to consider the cost which is definitely more expensive than the newly released Iphone 14 Model.

The analyst suggested the price that comes into the mind of Apple company developers for the Foldable Iphone which is around $2,500. The Price of a Foldable Iphone will even surpass the cost of the Iphone 14 Pro Max variant with large storage, which costs around $1,599.

The analyst also revealed that it will create many problems for Apple company if the how Foldable Iphone had Technical issues with Apple. Tech Giant company might criticism by Apple users for Foldable Iphone.

However, the Foldable smartphone market growing gradually, and apple have to react to it to remain in the game of smartphone. The trend of Foldable is increasing day by day and people started preferring them more than standard smartphones.

Foldable iPad will also give the opportunity of gathering more information about the implementation and scaling of Foldable technology to Apple. As of now, Apple is not reacted to the rumor of the upcoming Foldable iPad.

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Recently Display Supply Chain Consultants revealed that apple company will not enter Foldable Technology in near future. But the California-based company declined the fact and disclosed that it is exploring foldable technology for displays of around 20 inches in size.

In short, We should not expect Foldable Technology in iPhone for at least the next four years. But there is always a possibility for anything, so as foldable phones. This is also possible that apple company surprised users with the Foldable iPhone.


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