Apple Planning To Redesign Messages App In Coming Year

By | October 15, 2022

Apple is a leading company in the technology field, providing valuable products for more than 2 decades. The company was established by famous entrepreneur and Businessman Steve Jobs. He is no more between us but his legacy still remains.

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Apple company came from a long way. Companies always prefer customer satisfaction over profit. This is the reason why 50% of American people prefer apple company Iphones. Apple launched new iphone products recently.

Apple is reportedly working on the Interface of the Messages app in the coming year. This will release alongside its mixed-reality headset. Apple did not change the design of the messages app for a couple of years. So now developers think that It’s time to redesign it.

A Popular Twitter leaker known as “Majin Bu” gave hint about this upcoming project of a mobile manufacturing company. He revealed that they will redesign the iMessage app completely by next year.

The new iMessage app will have many features such as a new home view, chat rooms, video clips, and more. There is a rumor spreading over social media that the iMessage app will offer new chat features in AR.

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Apple’s New IOS 16

apple iMessages app
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The New IOS 16 came with many new sets of features for the iMessage App. You can now able to edit or delete recently texted messages to someone. You can also mark conversations as unread, collaboration invitations, and activity updates.

We can now imagine how amazing the interface of messaging app will be after seeing such professional features in the latest IOS 16. The messaging app will be available with the launch of Apple’s headset.

Mark Gurman is the prime revealer, who gives an inner insight into apple’s upcoming products. According to Gurman, Apple’s upcoming headsets will be more central to gaming, communication, and media consumption.

He revealed that the company might even consider them for Memojis and SharePlay. Apple launched those features in the iMessage app to make it possible for users to enjoy movies and tv series with shared playback controls while texting with someone.

Mark believes that the upcoming headset will give a pleasant experience to users while enjoying synched movies and series in Share play. New Headset will rumor to use an entirely new operating system called “rOS” or “realityOS. “Oak” is referred codename for the upcoming project.

There was a rumor that Apple working on the “RealityOS” operating system since 2017. But no information was shared by apple company throughout many years. But the company come forward to confirm the existence of the operating system early this year.

The reference of the Operating system is found on Apple Store upload logs and apple open source code. realityOS will rumor to have feature-rich versions of already existing apple apps. So in short, This operating system will enhance the performance of Apple Apps.

Famous Twitter leaker, Majin Bu revealed some major information regarding future projects of apple company. He came with a leak of a 14.1-inch iPad before display analyst and Popular Apple leaker Ross Young stated.

Majin Bu revealed information about a new smart multitasking system for iPadOS earlier this year. He stated that it will available for M1 iPads. However, It’s not clear yet whether the information shared by him true or not. It is reportedly referred to an early version of Stage manager.

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