Apple iPadOS 16 Roll Out: Here’s What Features Included

By | October 25, 2022

Apple recently released IOS 16.1 Update with some improvements and bug fixes. Now they are Roll Out iPadOS 16 update to iPad Users with some features such as the Stage Manager Feature. Apple promised to release the update in the early months of this year but delayed due to some pending improvements.

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If you have a new generation iPad then your iPad is eligible to download iPadOS 16.1 update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Some of the users already updated their Ipads to iPadOS 16.1. They are familiar with some of the advanced features such as Mail, Messages, Safari, and other app updates that are first seen in IOS 16.

It comes with iCloud Shared Photo Library that helps you to share photos with friends and family in a lot easier way. The stage manager is the major feature seen in a new update that is compatible with A12Z, A12X, M1, and M2 iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

Initially, the Stage manager feature was only built to use in M1‌ iPads. But after some beta testing process, Apple makes it available to all iPad Pros. The weather app is now available for the first time on iPads.

Maps, Game centers, and Safari features, such as Passkeys are also added to iPad 16. The desktop-class app also included with customizable toolbar and menus with a better interface. You can find and replace apps, thanks to the new update. We below expand every feature thoroughly.

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Apple iPadOS 16
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iPad 16.1 allow you to edit any already send a message for up to 15 minutes and the receiver will be alerted with a record of edits. Now You have 2 minutes to recall any message you send.

You can now even listen to music, watch movies, and play games, thanks to the Share play Feature in Messages. Collaboration with other people can also be possible in the new update, you can invite others on file via messages and see three when someone edits something in the shared projects.


There is significant improvement seen in the Mail app with iPadOS 16.1 Update. The search comes with accurate and complete results. Moreover, You will get accurate suggestions while typing anything.

Mail app now also allows you to send an email at a specific time and date you want and list emails that you forget to reply to at the top of the feed. So you can quickly reply to them. Remind me feature will remind you about every scheduled email at the exact date and time you scheduled.

Apple Safari

iPadOS 16.1 added numerous features to the Apple Safari app such as the Shared tab. This will allow you to share a set of Tabs with others and see updates when you work simultaneously with others.

You can even set images in the background of the initial pages of a Tab Group. It has a pinned group feature that permits pinning some frequently used websites at the top. So you don’t have to bother in finding websites.

The major feature seen in Apple safari with iPadOS 16.1 update is Passkey features. This feature allows you an easier way to sign in without entering passwords. Moreover, Passkey syncing through iCloud Keychain, which makes passkey available to every apple device, and end-to-end encryption security is included.

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Game Center

Apple iPadOS 16
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The game center allows you to browse which game your friends are playing right now and what achievement they got in-game. You can even browse your achievements, thanks to the game center app.

You can use the contact integration feature in Game center that allows you to sync your friend’s contact to see what they accomplish across all the games they are playing. This syncing feature is quite effective when you have a proper squad of friends.

Weather App

With iPad 16.1 Update, the Weather app comes with many effective features such as professional animations, detailed maps, and tappable forecast modules. The weather app is optimized for larger display devices.

In the Weather app, You will get a temperature, air quality, and maps showing precipitation with the location in full screen. Some of the tappable modules of the weather app allow you to see the temperature forecast of the next 10 days in advance.

If by any chance, There is a severe weather area near you then the app will send you a severe weather alert as soon as possible. The weather app’s animated background shows the sun’s position, clouds, and precipitation with thousands of variations.


Many other features are included in iPadOS 16.1 update. Which we can list briefly in upcoming articles. So that’s all for this post. You can bookmark the website for more interesting articles. Don’t forget to share the website with your friends and Family. Thanks!

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