Apple iOS 16.0.3 Released With Some Improvement And Fixed Bugs

By | October 17, 2022

Apple recently released Iphone 14 Models alongside with IOS 16 Operating system. Apple now launched a security update for IOS 16 with model number 16.0.3. This is the first security update for the latest IOS 16.

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The security update addressed many bugs that irritate users a lot including delayed or undelivered incoming calls. Sometimes Users faced the problem of low volume during phone calls and delays in notifications on the screen.

In short, The newer launched OS must need a security update in order to clean the mess. Security update also improves camera issues in iPhone 14 models. iPhone 14 users facing delays in the camera app launching and switching between camera modes.

There are many bugs seen in iPhone 14 models that are now fixed with the new security update. One of them is the mail app crashing which is caused by malformed email. Many people are wondering how to download new security updates in iPhone models. Just follow the below steps then you are good to go.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install.

Do These 3 Things, If You have IOS 16 In Your iPhone

We know there are many new features available in IOS 16. But make sure you set up your Device before exploring them. You should do the thing we are mentioning below in your IOS 16. These steps will improve your iPhone experience.

Customize iPhone lock screen

Apple iOS 16.0.3
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This is the first step you should do when you get your hands on IOS 16. Apple complete redesign the lock screen on IOS 16. You can able to switch wallpaper profiles from one another. Apple gives functionality to customize everything such as date and time, widgets, news, and weather.

Isn’t it more appealing to you? If you are now interested to customize your lock screen professionally then press your finger down anywhere on the screen when the screen is locked. After that Unlock it by prompt.

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When you did everything in the right way, you will see a completely new lock screen interface. Where you can customize wherever lock screen wallpaper you want. You will get hundreds of apple wallpapers by pressing the + button at the bottom right to create a new wallpaper.

The wallpaper consist of weather, astronomy, emojis, and more. Build-in widget is also available in some of the selected wallpapers. You can browse them later. You can even put your own photo there with adjustment with an addon of depth effect feature.

Focus Profile Setup

Apple introduced Focus last year which is an updated version of the do not disturb feature. This will program your device in a manner so you can only receive important notifications and alerts. The rest of the things are blocked so you can focus more on your work.

Apple worked a lot on productivity features in IOS 16 that will reduce distraction distractions on your iPhone device. You can set up the Focus in a setting by using the profile you want to configure. Now you can choose notifications of specific apps and ignore apps that you use occasionally.

Moreover, You can schedule your focus profile to be turned on and off when. You can integrate the health app with focus to give it information about sleeping hours in which you want the focus to turn off.

Save Space by Setting Up iPhoto

Apple iOS 16.0.3

Now clearing and saving space in iPhone becomes easy with the built-in feature of the IOS 16 camera roll that discovers duplicate photos and videos. You can remove those duplicate content to get some more space to add more content.

To remove duplicate content, Go to the photo then go into the albums tab. Swipe to the bottom then you will find the duplicate option. After that, you can browse every photo and video or tap Select > Select All > Merge to delete all duplicates at one click.

You get an idea of bigger size files At the bottom of each photo or video. You can prioritize bigger files first. This feature will save plenty of space on your iPhone.

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These are some of the things that most iPhone users ignore to set up. But now you are not among those iPhone users. We hoped that you should try out these interesting things in your Iphone model.

That’s all from our side. If you have any inquiries regarding IOS 16 or iPhone 14 then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to bookmark our website and share the article with your Iphone lover friends. Thanks!

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