Apple Ignored Elon Musk, Even After He Criticized Apple For Years

By | November 30, 2022

Elon musk is a very popular figure known for his straightforward speech. He is the new CEO and owner of Twitter. Tesla and SpaceX are other companies owned by him. He is sitting at the top position in the Wealthiest man list with help of his company assets.

Elon Musk criticized Apple company for years for its terms and condition. He thinks that apple company is totally trash. Previously, New Twitter CEO revealed Apple company threatened to remove the Twitter app from App Store.

He accused apple company for hating freedom of speech platforms. However, the Twitter app is still available to download on App Store. There is no clue that the Twitter app will be unavailable from App Store in the future.

Apple company never engages in public trash talk toward Tesla and SpaceX CEO. They are just ignoring the world’s richest man for no reason. Apple Might be taking a smart move by not replying to Elon musk after facing criticism and being accused of threatening.

Apart From it, Elon Musk still has respect for apple’s former CEO steve jobs. He admires him for the work he did for the people and apple company. Elon Musk Even hires Steve Jobs’ Biographer for his own biography.

Word War Between Elon Musk and Apple

A cold world war started with Elon Mask last week with apple company. But we call it a one-way word war because Apple company is not interested in it. Elon Musk revealed that Apple company almost stopped doing advertisements on Twitter via tweet.

Elon Musk wants that Apple’s current CEO Tim crook engage in public discussion. So he asked him why apple company stopped doing advertisements on Twitter for the last couple of weeks. He asked Tim Crook If Apple hates Freedom of speech in America, but Tim didn’t respond to the question.

Apart from apple, There are many other companies that reduced advertising campaigns on Twitter After Elon Musk Take over. Elon Musk bought the Social media platform on October 28 and charged himself as CEO of Twitter.

However, Elon Musk putting effort to make Twitter a clean and safe place for freedom of speech. He is closely looking into content that is published on Twitter and gives authority to moderation teams to flag down useless posts.

Since Elon Musk Take over Twitter, the Social media platform lost many advertisers, and revenue significantly dropped. Advertisers are putting pressure on Elon Musk to prove that his team can responsibly manage content moderation, ad campaigns, cybersecurity, and more.

Although, Elon Musk Allegation against apple’s company of threatening to remove the app is still not proven accurate or not. Apple recently declined the allegation of threatening of suspending Apple’s ad spending with Twitter.

Elon Musk Deleted a meme that targeted Apple company directly. He wrote that he would rather go to war” than pay 30% to Apple. According to reports, The relationship between Apple company and its New CEO Elon musk is getting worse day by day.

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