Apple Aiming To Use US-made chips From Early 2024

By | November 17, 2022

Apple always comes with new products that are different from available products in the Market This time They are aiming to use US Made chips in upcoming products. They will manufacture those chips in one of its factories established in America in the coming years.

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Tim Cook the present CEO of apple company who reveal the information during meetings with local engineering and retail employees in Germany. He also clarified that apple Wii surely buying out a plant in Arizona in the next couple of years.

Mark Guzman studied and concluded that apple might be wanting to lessen its reliance on factories in Asia. Almost 60% of the processor chips are made in Taiwan. Apple is shifting its business from Asia to America at a slow pace.

CEO of Apple. Tim Crook thinks that would be a wiser decision because dependence on only a single market could cause trouble. That’s why the company wants to put efforts into American-based chips and This is a strategic move by Apple company.

Tim crook was discussing Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s Arizona plant. It is still in construction. TSMC is apple’s official chip-making partner. TSMC also collaborated with many major companies like NVIDIA, MediaTek, AMD, and ARM.

Arizona Based Plant Will Start Producing From 2024

The Arizona-based plant will be in a working position by 2024 and aim to produce 20,000 chips in a month and comes with the capability to produce 5 Nanometer Processor. According to rumors, Apple company is thinking to adopt TSMC’s new 3 Nanometer Processor process.

Those Nanometer Processors are very advanced and built for high-performance tasks. Apple thinking to grab the process of those nanometer processors for upcoming Devices. A17 processors are currently in the development period and will be available in Apple’s 2023 iPhone Lineup.

The processor will be produced in mass numbers by New Technology. But still, it’s not certain whether apple wants to use the Arizona plant for older and sophists Chips or TSMC has plans to update the factory.

According to some reports, TSMC is aiming to build its second plant in Arizona. But Still, the green light is not given by the company. So we have to wait for the final decision and we will update you as soon as we got the information about TSMC’s decision.

TSMC is expanding globally for the past couple of years to cover more customer needs for Semiconductor production all over the world. Joe Biden, President of America signed a new CHIPS and Science Act law.

According to law, the American government is offering $52 Billion in funding for building chips in the country. Apple CEO, Tim Crook was pretty clear about the outsourcing of US Based Processors. He revealed that the company will outsource Processors to Europe.

TSMC is currently in discussion with the government of Germany to open facilities in the country. So the company will meet the needs of Europe customers as well as Americans. EU Chips Act was introduced in April for semiconductor device productivity.


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