7 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You

By | December 22, 2022

The American Psychological Association claims that playing shooter video games can improve learning, well-being, and social skills. Playing video games can improve a variety of cognitive abilities, including memory, vision, reasoning, and spatial navigation.

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The study also indicated that playing FPS games enhanced a player’s capacity to consider objects in three dimensions in a manner comparable to those of academic courses designed to improve the same abilities.

We enjoy playing video games, whether they are intense shooter games or difficult strategy games. It seems like there is a new game to test every day as technology develops and game creators continue to provide new content.

As if you needed another incentive, playing video games has several advantages that are fortunately available to gamers like us.

Video games have a variety of good impacts, including enhanced mood and social skills as well as increased memory and problem-solving. Video games provide several physical, cognitive, and social advantages, despite what individuals who don’t play them may claim.

These advantages include not making you lethargic, damaging your brain, and ruining your social life. You should know 7 Reasons why Gaming Is good for you the next time someone complains that you spend too much time playing them.

Make new friends globally

In the distant past, the only method to meet new individuals from other regions of the nation or the world was to establish relationships with them via writing letters. You would chat in letters back and forth to discuss your personal lives, your hometowns, and other topics. It’s not quite as spook as it sounds.

Whether it’s a buddy or an opponent you’re playing against, gaming allows you to communicate with anybody you wouldn’t typically talk to—or maybe wouldn’t even want to—in real life. Despite the claims, playing games doesn’t isolate gamers. You were aware of it, though.

Talk to your buddies

Once more, gaming is very social. Have you ever stayed up all night? (We’re assuming it’s true.) Most likely, you were speaking with buddies (whether that was for strategy or some trash-talking). When you’re in the thick of things or plotting your next move, Discord allows you to communicate over VoIP while you’re talking and texting.

While playing a game, you and your pals can pass weapons, give cover, and collaborate (thus the name “co-op”) by using text or an Antlion headset with a microphone. Co-op gaming is also often referred to as “cooperative gameplay.” In other words, even if you two could be in the same room, you two are not. But communication between your friends and you still occurs.


7 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You

Many video games need a significant amount of planning and focus. If you’ve ever played Fortnite or used Minecraft to create your civilization, you know how crucial it is to keep track of where you obtained particular materials or where you need to travel next. Video game worlds are incredibly rich in stimulation because of 3D visuals and realistic music.

Nowadays, navigating a video game’s virtual environment is remarkably comparable to traversing the actual world. Exploring the worlds of video games can improve your memory in real life.

Your memory is put to use when you have to balance several objectives while moving through a virtual environment. This region of the brain is in charge of managing spatial memory as well as the conversion of short-term memory to long-term memory.

Improved long-term memory and enhanced spatial awareness are two benefits of maintaining hippocampal health. Video games could be able to help you remember instructions better if you frequently get lost on your way to the store.

Practice Your Strategic Skills

For those who don’t game, it may appear to be a lot of running around with no obvious purpose, lots of shooting, and a final score. Like, say, soccer. Your gaming history suggests the opposite. To excel in gaming, you need talent, coordination, and strategy. You’re always coming up with clever methods to trick and outsmart your buddies.

This could happen during planning, but it usually happens spontaneously. It’s similar to a board game, except your competitors are attacking you in real-time and much more quickly. Fortunately, you were able to improve your kill abilities.

Release some tension

All day long, we may discuss game knowledge or tactics, but at the end of the day? Playing video games with friends allows you to relax after a long day at work, after studying, or after doing anything else that isn’t enjoyable. It’s about applying your abilities, yes, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to meet people locally or around the world and socialize with them while doing it.

Solving issues

Video games that involve strategy and role-playing also need players to solve difficult puzzles. This simulated problem-solving is excellent preparation for obstacles in real life. In 2013 research, the American Psychological Association found that teenagers who played strategic video games had superior problem-solving skills and higher academic performance.

The study found a link between the individuals’ gaming frequency and the degree of improvement they experienced: the more strategy games they played, the more their problem-solving abilities and academic performance improved.

Virtually every type of video game, whether it’s a puzzle or an escape, requires players to solve issues. To tackle these issues, one may need to use some ingenuity as well as memory and analysis. Video game obstacles are frequently quite open-ended and lack a lot of guidance, so players must explore via trial and error.

Physical Fitness

Although technically not a benefit to your brain, this favorable impact of video games is nonetheless worthwhile to notice. With the development of several fitness video games, it is simple to exercise while enjoying a fun game. These video games may be a wonderful way to work out without having to go to the gym and are beneficial to your health.

The ability of these exercise-focused video games to alter one’s perspective on physical activity may be their most potent advantage. These video games encourage physical activity and offer a quick method to get in shape.

Final Words

Playing the video games you already like is fantastic for your brain, improving everything from memory to navigation. You now have a collection of arguments to back up your love of gaming the next time someone advises you to cut back on your video game playing. With specific examples, you can specify your friend about 7 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You.

That’s all for now! If you have any doubt regarding the topic then comment down below. Bookmark the site for more interesting articles and share the article with your gaming friends. Thanks!

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