12 Reasons To Switch To PC Gaming In 2023

By | January 11, 2023

For serious gamers, PC gaming has recently become more accessible and cheap. A PC purchase or construction may provide players substantially more benefits than the forthcoming consoles without costing significantly more, as the PS5 and Xbox Series X costs are yet unknown. The PC, however, remains one of the first gaming devices and is still widely used today.

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For gaming, the PC is an incredible monster. It is by far the finest location to play your favorite games for a variety of reasons, and more and more console players are making the transition. Here are 12 reasons to switch to PC gaming in 2023.

Variety of games

The kinds of games that each hardware platform supports are one of the main differences between consoles and personal computers. Consoles have historically only offered one or two distinct genres. PCs, on the other hand, provide a far wider variety of games. 

In addition to the fact that most current games have modifications available that extend their already lengthy playtime even further, there are many more game genres that play better on computers than on consoles. Additionally, a PC is required for the majority of online multiplayer games; consoles cannot connect to these servers.

PCs Are More Powerful

Compared to consoles, PCs are far more powerful. Gaming consoles are really simple little PCs with many of the same features when you break them down. But in order to fit a computer within a comparatively tiny game console, some compromises must be made.

Most of the time, a PC has nothing “small” about it, and there are some very large gaming PCs available. A PC is ultimately far more powerful than any console. They just run games better as a consequence.

By switching, you get nothing. The only thing you could be missing is one or two unique games, but there aren’t many produced for PCs, so there’s no way it would influence your choice to buy. Additionally, because PC games are digital, you don’t need to trade in your old ones when new ones are released because you can easily re-download them.

Better Graphics

12 Reasons To Switch To PC Gaming

A PC’s power enables you to play games at their very best in every aspect. Graphics fall under this as well. PCs feature the best graphics cards available, which are focused on visual quality. These scientific wonders are capable of creating visuals with an 8K resolution.

Additionally, PCs have a significantly greater FPS rate. Depending on the situation, FPS may signify many things in video games. However, we are speaking to frames per second in this situation. The several pictures that make up a motion picture are called frames.

Just like when you quickly flip through the pages of your notepad after sketching a figure in the bottom corner. Your video game is now experiencing this. The smoother your picture is, the more frames per second you are viewing.


Companies like Alienware/Dell frequently provide one free game with the purchase of a pre-built PC! That’s correct, buying one of these computers might be more cost-effective than constructing one yourself simply to play a single free game if you don’t already have a desktop.

When you take into account games that are distributed across many platforms, PC games are often less expensive than their console equivalents. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, was made available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

No Online Subscription

Online play has supplanted local multiplayer in multi-player games over the last two console generations. With this, however, all three of the major companies—Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox—have added a subscription fee to allow for multiplayer online gaming.

While there is a payment associated with some services, such as party chat and server upkeep, PC users may load up many of the same games for free.

Game Mods

The bulk of games that get modified on PC will never see any kind of player-created modifications on consoles, despite the fact that certain current-generation titles, like Fallout 4, have included mods on consoles.

Game modification is a fun method to lengthen the life of a videogame, even if it should always be played as the designers intended. Unfortunately, a lot of console gamers have yet to enjoy the extra excitement that comes from user contributions.

PCs may be used for a variety of different tasks, including online surfing, document and spreadsheet creation, and streaming movies and TV shows. This means that switching between gaming and other activities is simple and doesn’t need to leave your PC.


Console gaming just cannot compete with the flexibility and customizability that PC gaming offers. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your console has the newest hardware when you play games on a PC since you can quickly adjust the graphical settings to make them seem better or play more smoothly. In order to provide you greater versatility when playing your games, PC gaming also enables you to use a variety of controllers, including both conventional gamepads and custom-made controllers.

Offline gaming

Consoles are getting more and more oriented toward online play, which is another motivation to move to PC gaming. Even if you have purchased a game, you still need an active internet connection to play it, as is the case with Halo 5 and Destiny. In contrast, many PC games, like The Witcher 3, can be played without any issues when offline.

Easier to Repair

A PC’s modular architecture makes it far simpler to maintain and repair than it is to update. Simply disconnect it from your motherboard if one component fails, then swap it out for a new one. Console repair can be difficult, therefore you shouldn’t attempt it unless you have prior knowledge.

The best course of action in the event that something goes wrong with your console is to send it somewhere to be fixed or replaced by the producing company as opposed to opening it up and attempting to fix it yourself.

In fact, doing so will invalidate any system warranties you may have. Your computer could already have certain components. However, replacing components like graphics cards, RAM, and hard drives is not difficult because they can be easily plugged into the motherboard.

Why is PC gaming going mainstream?

With more models offering strong processing technology and improved graphics, pre-built gaming PCs are becoming more and more accessible. The popularity of Steam and Discord, two online gaming communities with millions of players, has made the newest titles more accessible and provided a forum for advice and conversation.  Additionally, PC gaming dominates the market for free-to-play titles like the well-known eSports game League of Legends.


That’s all from our side! PC gaming is growing day by day and it has a lot of benefits which is why everyone is switching to pc gaming. That’s why we advise our readers to switch to pc gaming over Consoles. We hope that now you know everything about pc gaming. Bookmark the website for more interesting articles and share the article with your friends.

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