6 Reasons Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass In 2023

By | January 18, 2023

In the past several years, Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming Pass has been quite popular. According to certain media sites, it’s one of the finest value-for-money game subscriptions out there. The program provides separate Xbox and PC subscriptions.

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Furthermore, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you have a program designed for both platforms that offer exclusive savings and benefits. The Xbox Game Pass continues. A number of EA games have been made available on Xbox Game Pass during the past year.

Mountains of third-party games have also been uploaded, ranging in size from the smallest experimental indie games to AAA blockbusters. Microsoft now allows you to broadcast Xbox Game Pass games to Android devices through the cloud.

I thought I’d take a fresh look at the previous few years and how the service has developed and matured as we head into 2023. Here are some opinions on Xbox Game Pass for 2023 and whether it’s worthwhile spending your time and money on it. We are sharing 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass.

What Is Xbox Game Pass?

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass

For those who don’t know, Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription service that offers unlimited access to video games, similar to Netflix. As of this writing, the service is accessible on Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X and S consoles, PCs, and Android smartphones.

It has also been made available on the web, enabling use on iOS devices, Chromebooks, and a variety of other platforms. There are three varieties of Xbox Game Pass: “Xbox Game Pass” allows you access to a vast game collection on your Xbox system. On your Windows PC, “Xbox Game Pass for PC” allows you access to a vast collection of titles.

Lastly “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” grants you access to all the games on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, other a variety of games that can be streamed from the cloud to PCs, Android devices, and modern web gadgets. Xbox Live Gold, which is required for multiplayer gaming on Xbox systems, is also included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass

Access To Latest Game

Typically, you have to pay more than $50 to get a new game. While certain games may have a lower initial cost, most AAA games have an overall cost of $100 or more.

You can play a number of games that are available through Xbox Game Pass without making further purchases. Naturally, paying for premium material or DLCs will be necessary, but you are no longer need to pay to access the ordinary version.

Keep in mind that not all games will be available via Xbox Game Pass. However, you should have no trouble finding a good amount of fresh titles from a variety of game developers, such as Microsoft Studios, Rockstar Games, and others.


There are more things that Game Pass offers in addition to downloading and playing games. Perks are one of these qualities. Game Pass will occasionally give you freebies. Free skins or in-game cash for games like Saint Row and Destiny 2, or in-game currency for Sea of Thieves.

However, prizes that have nothing to do with gaming are another possibility. Game Pass has in the past provided free trials for other subscription services. similar to when they provided a 2-month free trial for the anime streaming provider Funimation.

Although the Game Pass’s perks aren’t a major, subscription-selling feature, it’s always wonderful to be happily surprised when you find a decent one ready to be grabbed.

Instant Availability

If pre-ordering games is not your thing, Xbox Game Pass has you covered. You may play new releases right away with Game Pass. Via the Xbox website, you may check out some forthcoming releases.

Any new game created by the Xbox Game Studio should go on sale the same day it is made public. Some games from other studios could also receive free day-one release access.


You may access Game Pass’s library on PC without a problem. You can even play games on your phone if you want to keep playing when away from home. Apple users won’t have to wait long to be able to play on their phones; as of now, only Android users can. It’s wonderful to see that our favourite games can be played on phones given how technologically sophisticated they have gotten.

We’re not claiming that everything will function flawlessly and that the experience will be identical to playing on a computer or gaming console. But it’s good to know that while we’re sitting in the physician’s waiting room, we can play GTA 5.

Try Multiple Titles

You must either hunt for the game’s demo if one is available or buy the game and choose to return it if you don’t like it. Unfortunately, demo versions are not available for every game. Furthermore, if you want to play games before making a decision, it is sometimes difficult to buy them and ask for a refund.

In either scenario, you could wind up downloading the game’s unauthorised version to check it out. The Xbox Game Pass takes care of all the fuss and offers limitless access to an enormous library of games that you may play for free. Do not worry; Microsoft regularly updates its inventory of games each month. So, the amount of games you can test out for free is endless.

EA Play

EA Play is a recent yet excellent addition to Game Pass. Your Game Pass membership now includes EA’s own gaming subscription service. NHL 21, Madden NFL 21, FIFA 20, and NBA Live 19 are a few of the titles offered by EA Play.

Additionally, if sports games aren’t your cup of tea, a wide variety of other genres are available.  You can choose the game which teach you more from game library powered by EA.


There are lot of benefits of having a Xbox Game pass and some of them are already pointed out in this article. We stated 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass. Moreover, You don’t need Console because it can even accessible on PC. Many AAA titles are available with Game pass. To be honest, Xbox game pass is worth every penny.

If you have any doubt regarding Xbox Game pass then comment down below. We help you in circumstances whether you are facing problem in buying or in access to Game pass. Bookmakr the site for more interesting article. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends. Thanks!

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